10 Ways to Prepare for a Phone Interview

An increasing trend in hiring is for employers to conduct phone interviews to screen candidates quickly and effectively (we do it as well). Since phone interviews are not often very long, the job candidate must show off their skills in a strong and confident manner. Kerry Sandberg Scott has 10 tips for preparing for phone screens. Here are my five favorites:

1.      Find out how long the interview will last, and plan accordingly.

2.      Make sure it is quiet. Plan ahead to eliminate distractions and noises in the background.

3.      Have a copy of your resume in front of you. You want to sound knowledgeable in your past if the interviewer refers to something from the resume you sent them.

4.      Prepare some questions of your own. It makes a strong impression on the hiring manager if you are organized and ready for the call.

5.      Relax. Phone screens are just ruling out “the freaks.” Don’t take it too seriously.

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