Are you Cut Out for Management?

People often think that being a manager is about money, power and perks, but it’s really more about interdependence.  According to Linda A. Hill, a professor at Harvard Business School and author of Becoming a Manager: How New Managers Master the Challenges of Leadership, your success is dependent on others, both those you manage as well as your bosses and your peers. You get things done in the organization by working with and through others, rather than being the one doing the work.

The first six months are crucial for a new manager, so, if you’ve just been promoted, meet with your boss and create a development plan that includes any training you need and a six-month action plan. Emphasize to your manager that although you are stepping up to the plate, you want to be able to reconsider if the new role isn’t a good fit.

And what if it isn’t a good fit? What if you don’t like being a manager? Experts urge patience; it will take six months to a year to really know how you feel.  At that point, do an assessment so you can articulate why you may no longer want the job.

And if you do end up taking a step down into the non-managerial ranks, it isn’t likely to hurt your career in the long term, say experts. Ultimately, your decision has to be about job and personal satisfaction, rather than the title, salary or corner office.

What do you all think? Will stepping down from Management hurt your career? Please leave us your thoughts / experiences below.

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